A Minecraft Server for Neurodivergent People and Friends.

Community Features

The Server IP is server.gifted-minecraft.com
Java: No Port needed | Bedrock: Port 8868


You can now check out our guide on how to play on Gifted Minecraft from our Facebook group! Go to https://facebook.com/groups/giftedminecraftbuilds

We have accumulated a complete list of all social media accounts, websites and communication channels on https://linktr.ee/haui111 go check it out! 🙂

We have recently published our own Modpack “DesignDream” on Curseforge please leave a follow on https://legacy.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/giftedmc-modpack as it helps the Modpack gain …

Minecraft Server 1.20.1

We have updated our Server to 1.20.1. check out the new terrain on server.gifted-minecraft.com Have a good one!

Build incredible things. Achieve goals. Make friends.

GiftedMC is a plot based Minecraft Server for Neurodivergent People and Friends. We have a custom GUI which lets you use all server functions by typing /gui.

After first spawn, you get geared up. Then use the gui to teleport to your new plot. There you can build and mine. To buy a plot you can also use /arm buy

A short time later you become member. You can then get a second plot. You can sell stuff you find to the server shop. Our only currency is diamonds.

Check out our Discord Server

The first step into our community can be to join our Minecraft Discord Server. The Server has a multitude of different channels for all your needs.

It is also connected to our Minecraft ingame Chat so you can be in touch with the community at all times. we have private channels for the german part of the community.

You can also mute channels both ingame and outside so you can have peace and quiet if you need it.

Choose your future base on our Dynamic Map

This is a live map of our current progress on the Minecraft Server. You can see players moving around. Toggle 3D or 2D for different perspectives. Incredibly useful to find your new base. On the left side, you can toggle Plot Regions to see which plots near you are available.
The plots are deliberately spaced out by 128 blocks so no LAG occurs despite many players being online. If you have two vertically or horizontally adjacent plots, staff will connect them for you.
To buy a plot, you can either teleport (up to number 200) or just walk there and type /arm buy.

Download our GiftedMC Vanilla+ Modpack!

We have curated a special Modpack for you to use on our Server if you wish. It is not mandatory, you can play with plain vanilla. Boost your viewing distance, framerates (fps), the crispness of your image, get a Minimap, Play with shaders, use schematics, record your gameplay, get helpful overlays, boost your loading speed and more.

You just need to download our Modpack and put it in curseforge launcher with “Add new profile” and “Import Profile”. Send us an Email or Visit our Discord if you need help.

Be part of our regular events

Every couple of weeks, we have special events for our members. Be it easter, christmas, birthdays. People get gifts or parties thrown for them (you can opt out if you want).

We also host competitions like phantom hunts and other leaderboard activities. Recently, we have visited the Deep Dark as a Group of eight players. All participants got a huge Participation Prize!

Obviously you need to be a member to participate so log in now. 😉

Check out our Subreddit: r/GiftedMC

On r/GiftedMC we post our regular Discord Events and news from our Minecraft Server. Members can also post their builds and chat with other Minecrafters.

Join our Subreddit now to participate in votes for the server future. For example when to reset the world, which community builds to do next. Also stay on top of Minecraft News.

You can post there and even become a moderator if you want to.

Check us out on Youtube

We have tons of cool buildings by dozens of individual players on our server. So many, that our admin – Haui – made a Minecraft Let’s Play about the server. Check out his playlists.

You can see that there are already many videos to watch and more will follow. If you are a content creator yourself, make sure to let us know so we can provide you with material and discuss possible scenarios.

Support us on Patreon or Donorbox!

Playing Minecraft with friends is fun and all but the hard reality is that a fast and up to date server and friendly community all require serious dedication and huge amounts of work.

Although we’d like to do this full time just for the fun of it, food, rent and the server’s costs need to be paid somehow. Chip in to secure the server’s independence from ads and other money making schemes.


For business related requests, send  an email.